Indonesia Jakarta Stock Price Alert Signals (ID Trading Signals) Affiliate Referral Program

ID Trading Signals Affiliate Program Mechanics:

1. Anyone can become an affiliate. Just refer someone using your referral link. Your referral link can be found in your backoffice after logging in.

2. ID Trading Signals affiliates will earn a whopping 40% commission from his/her referral's first plan purchase of either Gold or Platinum plans. And it does not stop there, affiliates will also earn 5% commission from his/her referral's succeeding plan purchases. It means earning potential is limitless.

3. ID Trading Signals affiliates commissions will be paid via paypal between 16th - 20th of each month. If commission is less than USD $25, the amount will be carried over the next month. Affiliates may update their paypal info in the backoffice [Account].